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Birth and Postnatal doula Services

Matilda the doula

Hi, I'm Matilda!

I am a doula based in Surrey, I cover most areas of Surrey, South West London, West London & Berkshire. As I live 2 mins from the M25 I am also able to cover any areas that are within 1 hour of KT15 - please get in touch if you are not sure.

  • Birth, Postnatal and Night Doula

  • Trained in the Biomechanics for pregnancy, labour & birth

  • Experience working with Twins & Multiples

  • Full Enhanced DBS Certificate

  • Insured with Bgiuk

  • Full UK diving license

As a mother with 2 children myself, (each of which had two completely different pregnancies, births and postnatal experiences) I feel passionate about supporting families to feel informed and empowered through every aspect of their journey.


I come from a culture which is all about 'mothering the mother'. Ensuring that women feel held, loved, supported and safe through every aspect of the birth and postnatal period is at the core of what I do. When I had my own children the mothers in my family appeared at my door, not to hold the baby but to hold me. I was welcomed into motherhood with an abundance of love in the form of nutritious food, breastfeeding support, comforting words of encouragement, and a listening ear. I found great strength in asking for help and it changed my motherhood experience for the better. I feel really passionate about mirroring this same support with every client I work with - tailored in a way that works for them.

Some clients contact me to work with them as they have family who live far away, or perhaps they are local but aren't able to offer this level of support. Or perhaps they would like some postnatal planning support and don't know where to begin. However you stumbled across this page, let's have a chat to see how a doula might be a wonderful way to support you during this special time.


As your birth and/or postnatal doula I aim to be by your side, and on your side as you walk the journey of pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. As your doula I do not medically advise. I will work with you to ensure you have the knowledge and information you require to make your own informed choices based on evidence based practice.

Whether it's your first or fifth baby I know it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to navigate the processes and systems that can happen around birth. ​That's where I come in! I will ensure you feel safe and protected during these precious and sacred moments.


There really is a doula for everyone, my background in Arts Psychotherapy means when requested, I can offer additional therapeutic sessions which might be useful in terms of processing pregnancy loss, birth trauma or perhaps childhood trauma that might be surfacing during your pregnancy or postnatally.


Each time I have the honour of supporting a woman during birth and/or the postnatal period, it reminds me of just how supernatural our bodies are. However you choose to birth your baby, I want to encourage you to embrace your supernatural abilities and realise how incredible you are!​ It is never too late or early to get in touch with a doula so please get in touch for a chat. I would love to discuss how we could work together. I am a proud member of Doula UK and you can find my profile listed here:

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