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Night Doula Services


Sleeping, recovering and having someone look after you and your baby doesn't have to feel like a distant dream.

As your night doula I am here to support your rest and recovery following your birth. Birth can feel like a marathon and every athlete always takes time to recover. Perhaps your day support or partner has returned to work and the nights feel daunting.

Its times like this you may want to give me a call!

Overnight my role is to ensure the baby is well looked after, tending to their individual needs and ensuring you both can sleep with piece of mind.

Things I might do at night:

  • Tend to the baby and all its needs during the night

  • Bring the baby to you if you are breast feeding or would like to feed the baby its bottle

  • Support with pumping or breastfeeding support

  • Change, wind and settle babies so that you can sleep

  • Keep mother hydrated and well supplied with drinks and snacks

  • Look after you and your baby/ies whilst you are staying in hospital

  • Sterilise and sort out feeding equipment ready for the morning

There are many options for you to consider depending on where you feel you need the help and support the most. I am able to help with the bedtime routine. Bathing the baby and getting it ready for bed. Giving you both some time to relax enjoy dinner, have a bath or catch up on your favourite Netflix season (always happy to suggest some!)

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