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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Doula?

A doula is often described as parents to be ultimate birth partner! As your doula my role is to support in pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal period by providing information, advocacy, and offering practical and emotional support to the whole family. A doula does not provide medical advice or perform any medical interventions. I will support you to feel calm, in control and empowered through your birth and postnatal period. Find out more on the Doula UK website

What does 'On call' actually mean?

As my birth client from 38 weeks I will be available for you 24/7 right up until the day you give birth.  I stay within easy reach of your home and can be reached night or day to attend your birth. If an emergency arises or perhaps a pre-planed event was in my diary, I will always make arrangements for you to be supported by a back up doula. This will always be discussed prior to the date and an introduction facilitated.

My partner isn't sold on the idea of a doula - what should I tell them?

If your partner is anything like mine you discussed the idea of a doula, they went straight to the price page and may be asking why you need one if they are planning on being their through the birth and postnatal period. Well, firstly sending them this link from doula UK which highlights a recent study that proves the positive impact that doulas can have to birthing families.

Secondly, remind them that a doula is also there to support them. Some women worry that their partner wont know how to fully support them during labour. After all its potentially the first time you might be experiencing it together. A doula can guide your partner on ways they can be the most supportive and helpful. If this baby no. 2 or 3 and the birth experience was a difficult or traumatic experience the first time, a doula can help you explore those feelings together and consider your choices, wishes and fears ahead of this birth. During labour a doula can also offer a some relief for your birth partner - a doula often reminds your partner to eat and refuel too!

During the postnatal period a doula can offer as amazing support alongside or once your own partner and/or support network has gone back to work. After all2 weeks of leave is never enough for any parent to find their feet!

Can I book a chat to find out more?

Of course!  I would love to hear from you.

Please use the contact form to get in touch. There is no charge for initial phone calls and I am always happy to chat through options or thoughts you might be exploring.

Some people worry that having a doula means their partner wont be present.

This is not the case! If you decide to have a home birth you can have whoever you would like present at your birth. If you decide to have a Birth Centre or Hospital Birth then most trusts will allow up to two peoples. This is with the exception of theatre where only one birth partner is allowed. Your doula can of course be waiting for you in recovery - if you are having a c-section or require an assisted delivery. Keep in mind that during times of heightened health concerns, such as a pandemic, restrictions may be stricter.

How Many birth Partners will I be allowed?

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