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Birth Services

In the lead up to birth I will be on call for you from 38 weeks, keeping in touch to give you lots of motivation and encouragement! Those final weeks can sometimes feel like the longest days as you prepare to meet your baby.

Once I get ‘the call’ I will be on my way! There is no ‘set time’ to call your doula. I come when the time feels right to you. During your birth I will stay by your side to ensure you all feel safe, supported and empowered as you powerfully move through the stages of labour. As you prepare to meet your baby, I will assist you both emotionally and physically through the process, drawing upon techniques we would have explored in your antenatal sessions. Guiding you through breath work, movement, massages,  affirmations, birthing biomechanics and pain management techniques.If you are having a have planned an c-section we will spend the day preparing to meet your baby. Ensuing that your birth preferences are heard within theatre. No matter how you birth your baby, I will ensure you feel advocated for whether that be home, at a birth centre, on a labour ward or in theatre. When you give me the nod, I will leave you with your new family as you soak in the newborn bubble and take time a moment to reflect- you did it!  This is usually after ‘Golden Hour’ with your new baby and you feel comfortable with your first feeds.

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