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Antenatal Services

You’ve probably heard lots about the famous post birth Tea and Toast? But I believe in many more tea opportunities before then! At every step of working together you can expect lots of tea (other drinks available!)

At the very beginning I always suggest a first meeting (usually with your birth partners if applicable) to discuss how your pregnancy is going and what you’re looking for in a doula. If you feel we are a good match, I will then be on hand to guide and support you as you navigate pregnancy and prepare for your birth. We can talk through places of birth; home, birth centers, labour wards or theatre. With your wishes at the center of our discussions we will cover topics such as; birth preparation, exploring birth preferences, BRAIN, making informed choices, the stages of labour, breathing techniques, pain relief, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, new born care, sleep (how to get some!) and navigating the 4th Trimester. If this is not your first birth, we can also spend time reflecting on  your previous birth experiences, feelings around preparing for a sibling or perhaps you are navigating thoughts around parenting after loss.

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